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So, you’re building online as an entrepreneur or small business owner and you want some hot tips to increase your reach? I'm here for you.

Product photos. You’ve probably heard it before, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true, except when it comes to Google. Huh? you say. It’s ok. You are not alone. 

Let’s start with the “back end” of your images. At the time of writing this, Moz states that 27.7% of search query results on google are images.Think of Google as blind, for any images on your website you need to include alternative text so that Google knows what the image is representative of. Once you add Alt Text when Google or any search engine goes to crawl your website the image now has a title and description. This is wicked for your SEO. Check out my favourite article on Alt Text here. 

Do you have a brand palette? Think of this as the front end for your images and site. You might have spent the time figuring out your logo or a few colours that you like but if you don’t have a list of 4-6 of your brand colours, you need to! *I personally like this website, Coolors.

Be sure to know them by Hex Number. Why do I think this is important? Your business goes beyond your website and consistency is key! When you print a sign for a Pop Up, an Instagram post or any other assets you want to be exact in representing your brand and the same colours will keep your brand looking professional across all interactions. 

Speaking of visuals, are you using Pinterest? I’ve been touting Pinterest for Business for at least two years now and I’m still such a fan. It’s a highly under-utilized platform and a place many millennials are going open-wallet to find the things they want and need. If you are intimidated by Pinterest, hit up this Youtube video. It’s 17 minutes that is worth your time! Being able to create a quick pin that links directly to your website is a skill you don’t want to miss out on.

Now, if you sell tires, Pinterest might not be your game. But if you have a good eye and a photogenic product in the clothing or beauty categories, this is your spot.

Maddie Kennedy speaking at The Wing, Soho


Maddie Kennedy at the Wing Soho


Maddie Kennedy at the Wing, Soho


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